Acumatica Priced per CPU, Not per User

Acumatica costs are linked to system usage, not the number of users. When a new user wants access to Acumatica, you grant the appropriate permissions and distribute the user login information - you do not have to purchase another license or install client software.

What This Means for You

Not locked in as your needs change

Acumatica is built and operated on familiar technologies to promote choice and competition. You control your software license, your data, and your deployment options. You can deploy Acumatica on premise or host it in a data center depending upon your locations, the number of users, bandwidth requirements, security requirements, cultural factors, and corporate and government regulations. As your requirements change, you can switch deployment options to meet your needs.

Less expensive to install

Acumatica is less expensive to install than client-server products because there is no client software to install on each user's computer. A standard web-browser is all that is needed - application and remote access software are not required.

Less expensive to operate

Acumatica is web-based, yet has the usability and speed of a PC-based Windows application so you can get your work done faster. This simplifies client workstation upgrades and provides remote access from virtually everywhere.

Less expensive to customize

Acumatica uses industry standard platforms and development tools like Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, and Visual Studio to minimize training, consulting, integration, and customization costs.

As Low as $5 per User 1

The graph below illustrates the cost per user of a 2 core CPU system, deployed on a customer premise.

As low as $5/user/month

1 Costs include an appropriately sized server, an Acumatica license, Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, and Microsoft SQL Workgroup. The one time cost of hardware and software licensing is spread over a 5 year period. The cost of data migration, customization, and consulting is not included.