Choice of Deployment

You can deploy Acumatica on premise, host Acumatica on a virtual or dedicated server, or run Acumatica on a cloud computing environment according to the needs and resources of your business.

What This Means for You

Control operations costs

Select the deployment option that meets your legal, security, and usage requirements. You can change your deployment as your requirements change or a more affordable option becomes available.

Pay for what you use

Acumatica's workload can be distributed across many servers deployed behind a load-balancer or implemented in a cloud computing environment. This allows your to rapidly add or subtract resources without disruption to users.

Run multiple entities per system

Acumatica supports multi-tenant operations so you can run multiple businesses on a single system with complete isolation.

You are not locked-in

Acumatica allows you to change your deployment model even after you launch.

Designed for Cloud

Acumatica is optimized for Windows Azure but can run on other cloud infrastructures such as Amazon EC2, GoGrid, and others.