Purchase Acumatica SaaS or buy a Perpetual License

Acumatica’s product suites and integrated customization tools can be purchased as a traditional software license or bundled with an operating environment and services as a SaaS solution.

Accounting and ERP that Adapts with Your Business

With Acumatica, you can switch between SaaS and a traditional license as your business requirements change. Switching is easy because the application code is nearly identical and your customizations are stored separately so they can be exported and re-installed.

License Only SaaS Solution
Software license You own it You rent it
System location Where you want it In the cloud
Hardware Provided by you Included
Software (Windows & SQL Server) Provided by you Included
Maintenance fees Purchased annually Included
IT Resources Your team or a VAR None required
Support Purchased from a VAR Purchased from a VAR
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
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Which Solution Should I Choose?

Guidelines for selecting a solution are provided below. Unlike other vendors, Acumatica allows you to switch if your needs change.

Company Characteristics
Recommended Option
License Only
SaaS Solution
I want to reduce up-front costs in favor of higher recurring payments.  
I don’t have an IT staff to purchase and maintain hardware.  
I need to scale up and down quickly.  
I have a datacenter with capacity and IT staff to manage applications.
I want to build real-time interfaces with on-premise systems.
I want to control my database location & use a specific hosting provider.
I want to be able to customize my application.
I want to involve people outside my organization or company.
I don’t want to install and manage client software.


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